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Our Mission

WIJITHZONE’s mission is through keeping its “life time“ in mind, determining the people’s varying attitudes to foster the lives, securing them, the properties and enterprises on the other hand to pave the way for facilitating with optimum surveillance solutions that tallied to gradual transformation of different segments of customers entailing a world with well created environment where enables everyone to fulfill lives!



ELIRON is a product that applied with modern technology, and created by the Wijith Zone of Sri Lanka.

It’s a brain child of a brainy surveillance trade trust with over a decade experience gained through relating among end customers, technicians, dealers and the manufacturers as well.

ELIRON products have been prepared to serve almost every segments of beneficiaries with ranging from the IP security system to the video conference devices, standing for domestic and SMB enterprises.

ELIRON opted latest technology, has come on to the surveillance users availing the appliances those could be utilized at ease.

ELIRON clientele would be treated with excellent warranty and after services by Wijith Zone which is the well known surveillance company brand name of Sri Lanka.

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Our Team

We Have The Best Team

Our Network of Industry Leaders

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